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Wordpres Installation Common Problems

Avoiding Common Installation Problems With WordPress

 The official WordPress.org support forum is fast approaching 200,000 posts requesting help with WordPress installation problems.

I’ve spent many hours helping out beginners fix these problems and figured out what the main explanation for the matter is – Manual installation.

At the top of this post i’ll offer you an inventory of three recommended providers which all offer automatic installation of WordPress and 2/3 offer a free transfer service if you’re moving WordPress to a replacement server.

This will avoid the foremost common installation problems suffered by beginners installing WordPress manually.

The only reason you’d manually install WordPress is that if your web server doesn’t offer a 1 click or simple installation script.

If this is often the case, then you would like to put in WordPress manually using these instructions.

Installation Guide

I’ve already written about 5 ways to put in WordPress however here’s another solution which is fairly similar and also avoids common problems caused when editing the WordPress configuration file.

Create a Database

Create a replacement database using the database wizard in cPanel.

Take note of your database details:

• database name

• database username

• database password

Download WordPress

Go to http://wordpress.org/download and download the newest version of WordPress

Open the zipped WordPress download folder on your desktop and drag the wp-config.php file onto your desktop

Open the file with notepad++ and enter your database details

Close the file and save the changes.

Drag the wp-config.php file back to your zipped WordPress download folder.

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Upload WordPress

Upload the WordPress folder (zip or tar) to your domains public_html root directory. you’ll do that using File Manager in cPanel or FTP.

Here’s a video on the way to find your public_html root directory for your domain you’ll be uploading WordPress into.

Extract the folder contents into your domains folder ensuring you don’t create another folder inside your domains directory.

Install WordPress

Type in your name into your browser and add /wp-admin/install.php on the top .

Example: http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/install.php

Complete the installation instructions and you’re done

WordPress Installation Help

If you suffer from any installation errors, you’ll try the WordPress.org/support – Installation Forum

The major causes of installation problems are:

• incorrect editing of the wp-config file database details.

• uploading WordPress to the incorrect location on your server

• using an internet server that doesn’t support standard WordPress hosting requirements

Avoiding Installation Problems

As you’ll see from the above instructions, there’s many things which may fail when installing WordPress manually.



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