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What is Cost per Click (CPC) What’s means of ?

Cost per Click known (PPC) whether each viewer click on. Google CPC rate which is method that website used calculate based the number of visitor time click Advertisement. The alternative of cost per thousand (CPM which is number of impressions or viewers in thousand regardless of

Understanding of Google CPC Rate

CPC ios often used when advertisers have a set daily budget. When the advertisers budget is higher then ad is removed from the rotation for the remainder of the billing period. For example a website has CPC rate of 10 cents and provides 1000 click throughs would bill USD 100. The amount that advertiser pay for a click is usually set by formula or through bidding process. The formula used is often cost per impression (CPI) divided by percent (CTR).

Google AdSense

Website publishers can contract with Google to place ads on their site. The ads can contain combination of text and images google decides what type of ads to run on a given site based on amount of traffic that it receives the type of content and number of advertisers interested in material. The publisher paid viewers click the ad.

The amount paid per click is that ads CPC. Advertisers bid how much they are willing to pay for each click and google uses complex algorithms to match publishers and advertisers. Sites with largest number of unique visitors and that incorporate most valuable keywords receive the highest CPC. The auction for ads is dynamic and continuous so CPC change constantly.

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