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How can earn money from Facebook page

Facebook is a popular social media platform is more secret anyone. It is the most favorite online platform for peoples to socialize & staying in touch with family and friends. This platform has global reach and empowers its users to post pictures and text and specially audio/video content on their facebook page wall.

The good news Facebook offer pretty good opportunities to earn from different activities like as Facebook marketing , Facebook fan page & Facebook marketplace. Considering the well aware of working and usage of Facebook fan page, lets directly move on the learning how could earn money. The following check out the multiple option to make money. Followings are some Earning tips .

facebook earning

Sponsored Posts Publish Facebook earning

A good figure of Facebook likes and have huge fan following is a chance to earn by posting other business or people on fan page. Facebook earning Let’s suppose you have have a fan page and have millions of followers. The agencies selling services could ask to post ads of their business on page and in return you can ask for good amount of money.

Affiliate marketing links with post content

There are many various sites which offer affiliate marketing programs to sell their products on commission basis such Amazon, MakeMytrip. This affiliate marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand. Simply get yourself registered with any these affiliate marketing programs. Post product link on fan page and earn commission on each sale.

Sale Fan Page

Some people create fan page to get lies & followers to post regularly with the purpose of selling it later when the page will have a substantial amount of likes and followers. There are many online platforms where people auction Facebook pages. Such people create and work on many pages and invest time and efforts to create value.

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Selling Facebook Likes

People are so desperate to see huge number of likes that they do not hesitate to pay even many bucks. But for this have experience in generating Facebook likes. Many online free & paid tools available for this.

Influential Marketer Facebook earning

This is like posting sponsored ads. For this become market influencer for any business who approach. Unlike sponsored ads market influencer is supposed to promote ideology or brand instead of products or services. Having huge number of followers doesn’t open doors for become market influencer because posting something about any particular business and vision may not be liked.

Creating Fan page offers

if have business fan page then this could be best platform for coupon and discount. There is an option in fan page to create offer where describe all the detail and once submit the post it will reach millions of followers directly.