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Android Errors Play Store Errors Codes and Fixes

Android Errors Play Store Error Codes and Fixes

One of the foremost troublesome problems that Android users sometimes face originates within the Google Play Store, Android’s resident application marketplace. This problem is that the average error code that the Play Store displays when the device fails to put in or update applications. The following are a number of the foremost common error codes that Android users are faced with when trying to put in , update or purchase applications on the Google Play Store:

Error Code 961, Error Code 492, Error Code 923, Error Code 403, Error Code 921, Error Code 413, Error Code 919

Error Code 498, Error Code 491, Error Code 504, Error Code 941

While all of those errors seem pretty different, they are, in fact, quite almost like each other in terms of what causes the Play Store to display them. the foremost common causes of the error codes listed above are insufficient space for storing on the respective device, problems concerning the Google Play Store or Google Services app, a scarcity of cache memory or problems with the Google Account that the user is logged in with. the subsequent are fixes that have proven to be effective at getting obviate these error codes:

Fix 1:

Free up space on the device by deleting things that are not any longer needed — files like old songs or pictures that have already been protected to the cloud or to a computer.

Fix 2:

Navigate to the device’s onboard Application Manager, locate the Google Play Store application, tap on ‘Clear data’ then on ‘Force stop’. Repeat the method , this point with the Google Services app.

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Fix 3:

From the appliance Manager, find the Google Play Store app, tap thereon then select ‘Uninstall updates’. Open the Play Store app and let it update to the newest version of the marketplace.

Fix 4:

Reboot the device into Recovery Mode, Select ‘Wipe cache partition’ using the quantity rocker, and ensure the choice using the facility button.

Fix 5:

Go to settings, click on accounts and choose Google. Tap on ‘Remove account’, reboot the device then found out an equivalent account once more . It should be noted that this fix should only be used if everything else fails.



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